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Xquartz Dmg

I'd say the file downloaded is corrupted, you should be able to open the.dmg by simply double clicking it (I downloaded XQuartz a couple of days ago and could open the.dmg without a problem). Unfortunately, the download page doesn't provide a checksum to check against, so I'll provide the one I generated. Download XQuartz-2.7.11.dmg, and open it in macOS’s Installer. Important Notices. Web site based on a design by Kyle J. McKay for the XQuartz project.

This error message may show when attempting to run the installer package for PILOTLOG.

The issue is caused by your Mac's 'launch services database'. You can rectify this issue as outlined below.

MONO Framework

1) Download the Mono framework from our website (here).


After download, you find the Installer package, located on the desktop or in the Download folder

2) Go to File > Get Info

Xquartz Dmg

3) In the 'Open with' section, verify that the proper program is showing :

  • For 'MonoFramework...pkg' - it should say 'Installer'
  • For 'XQuartz....dmg' - it should say 'DiskImageMounter' (see below for XQuartz)

4) If the 'Open with' program is not properly configured, pull down the 'Open with' section and click on 'Other...'

5) In the new window that opens, navigate to >System (at the top level of your boot volume)> Library > CoreServices

6) Pick the appropriate program as described in Step 3) and continue with 'Add' :

Xquartz Dmg Download

7) Press the 'Change All' button to continue :


The XQuartz


Repeat steps 1) through 7) for XQuartz

The XQuartz file is provided as .dmg file. A .dmg file is kind of like an USB stick in a file and can be handled more or less the same way. To install from a .dmg file you usually do the following :

  1. double click the .dmg to make its content available (name will show up in the Finder sidebar), usually a window opens showing the content as well
  2. drag the application from the .dmg window into /Applications to install (may need an administrator password)
  3. wait for the copy process to finish
  4. eject the .dmg (by clicking the eject button in the Sidebar)
  5. delete the .dmg from Downloads

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