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Download WhatsApp Desktop. In your computer’s browser, go to the WhatsApp Download page, then download the.exe or.dmg file. Once the download is complete, open the.exe or.dmg file and follow the prompts to complete the installation. About WhatsApp Web and Desktop. How to log in or out. Anyway, to install WhatsApp on your Mac right now: Go to WhatsApp official website. Navigate to the Download tab. Click download WhatsApp for Mac. Open the file from the Downloads folder and move the icon into Applications. Follow the instructions to read the QR code with your smartphone.

  1. Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Macbook Pro
  2. Whatsapp For Macbook Pro Download
  3. Whatsapp For Macbook Air Free Download
  4. Download Whatsapp For Macbook 10.6.8
  5. Whatsapp For Mac
  6. Whatsapp For Macbook Free Download
  7. Download Whatsapp For Macbook Pro

Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Macbook Pro

Chatting with friends & family near and far

WhatsApp is one of the top chat clients and best messaging apps available today - and for good reason. The application combines ease of use with in-demand services like free internet-based calls, cross-platform compatibility, and even end-to-end encryption. The result is a free multi-function messaging and VoIP service that's a cut above the rest.

Better together

With 1 billion active users, Whatsapp will connect you with the people that matter to you the most, both near and far.

In 2009, software that offered free calls and messages could be found mostly on desktops, not smartphones. So when WhatsApp came out that same year, it became the new and convenient way to do the former. With WhatsApp, you can send messages or call other users without worrying about character limit or the number of messages sent. Each message sent or call made is absolutely free.

Working on most platforms, the popular application brings you closer to friends, family, and even colleagues. You can use it on iPhones, Android phones, Macs, and Windows PCs. However, there are some features on the smartphone that are not available on desktop.

The main difference between the two types of devices is that you can only call your contacts when you’re using the mobile app. No surprise there, given that WhatsApp’s focus is mobile messaging. Another feature that’s not on the desktop app is GPS sharing, which lets you send your location to your WhatsApp group or contact.

Number, please?

Speaking of mobile messaging, if you want to sign up for the Facebook-run app, you'll need your mobile number to do so. The reason? WhatsApp automatically connects the people in your contact list who are using the app. No more hassles putting contact info one by one. You can create groups with all of your closes one, as well as co-workers. The desktop app helps sync your chats and contacts to your computer. Handy really, because it lets you continue working away on your Mac while staying connected. You’ll see notifications on your screen, and can reply to messages and send all sorts of files.

Whatsapp For Macbook Pro Download

For your eyes only

All of your incoming and outgoing messages are secure in WhatsApp. With end-to-end encryption, only you and your recipients can read messages and download files and other media. The app also lets you approve who can message you. So, even if their is a contact in your list using WhatsApp, the messaging platform will not allow that person to message you without your prior approval.


Where can you run this program?

WhatsApp on Mac promises the smoothest messaging and VoIP experience for these operating systems: Windows 8.1+,macOS X 10.9, Android OS 4.03+, and iPhone iOS 8+. You can also use WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Is there a better alternative?

Viber is another popular VoIP tool that boasts over 260 million active users worldwide. Just like WhatsApp, you can enjoy free internet-based calls and SMS on your smartphone or desktop. You can also trust that your messages, files, and media are protected with end-to-end encryption.

Our take

Whatsapp For Macbook Air Free Download

WhatsApp is still the strongest messaging and VoIP service available today. You can rely on it to constantly get better over time. With 1 billion active users, you'll definitely be able to connect with close friends and family on both the mobile and desktop app.

Should you download it?

Yes. You should definitely download this app!

Download Whatsapp For Macbook 10.6.8


Whatsapp For Mac

  • High number of active users
  • Supports group messaging
  • Syncs contacts to app
  • Share files on mobile and desktop


Whatsapp For Macbook Free Download

  • Group calls and GPS sharing is missing in desktop app
  • You can’t ‘hide’ from the people in your contact list

WhatsAppfor Mac

Download Whatsapp For Macbook Pro


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