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Sticky Notes is not a new app, it's been around for a while on Windows. However, it's one of those apps that are extremely useful that you didn't even know existed until you discovered it. Once you discovered it, you realize how useful it is and wonder why it's not implemented in every OS. Download Sticky Notes – a virtual notepad or reminder app – to leave notations for yourself or for others. They can be attached to desktop or pop up any time you need so they are always visible.




This online sticky notes app is especially helpful if you are working on projects and classify their themes. If you’ve got important events or tasks to be reminded of, Hott Notes is the sticky notes app developed for this kind of need. Using this tool, you can create checklists so you won’t miss any deadlines. Stickies enables business owners like me to easily input tasks and stay organized. There seems to be a ton of features in this super affordable app, wish I knew how to use them all the right way. Rating breakdown. The sticky notes app is pretty amazing when it comes when you can change the color and font of your notes. For instance, you have cloud sync, so you can access your notes anywhere. Desktop sticky notes has a 7 day trial version.

This is one of the best and free tool available on Windows. It gives you the ability to create notations on your desktop with some text which can be edited and deleted easily. It’s also useful for taking quick notations, shopping list, or leave yourself a reminder. After you install Sticky Notes, you can also share your writings with friends and colleagues.

Notations can be added to the desktop at will, or you can schedule them to pop up at specific times. Sticky Notes download for PC is a great decision for Windows users who want to make their daily activities more effective.


Here are some basic features you can expect from this free program:

  • Simple and easy to use;
  • Set title and text to the reminder;
  • Attach to the notification bar;
  • Send via email or Bluetooth;
  • Display order of your writings can be changed;
  • Format your text by using different fonts, sizes and colors;
  • It’s possible to resize your notations and place them anywhere on your screen;
  • You can organize your notations in groups, like 'Office' or 'Personal'. This way, you can easily perform search
  • operations by specific category.
Stickies App


The app's interface is very easy to use and understand. This app is very easy to navigate. The interface of Sticky Notes app is designed around a series of post-it note style pop-ups that are added to a central desktop window.

The desktop acts as a kind of 'hub' containing shortcuts to various notation collections you create. You can also set up free Sticky Notes app to allow regular pop-up windows to be added to the desktop, or just to specific groups. The flexibility of the system allows you to tailor note-taking app to your own work style.


One of the first things you will notice about this application is that it is a lightweight program. Sticky Notes for Windows is only 6.5 MB in size, which means it will not take up too much of your computer's memory. One of the main reasons why it’s a lightweight program is it uses an old-school approach to its design. It uses the classic sticky note method.


Stickies Apple

Mind that if you want to organize your life or work with the help of computer Sticky Notes is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems. This includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, as well as Windows 10.


  • Is there Sticky Notes free download to mobile?
    No, this product by Microsoft is only available on Windows platform.
  • If I update, do I lose my writings?
    No. The service will backup before the upgrade and restore your information after the upgrade.
  • Is Sticky Notes download free of charge?
    Yes, Sticky Notes for Windows is free for personal use.
  • How to add a new reminder?
    Tap the '+' button at the top of the screen.
  • How do you put a reminder on the desktop?
    The Sticky Notes computer app creates a shortcut on your desktop when you click the Notes icon on the top of the screen.


Stickies App Mac

Summing up, Sticky Notes online, free app is an excellent solution for everyone who needs a quick note-taking app. It is very simple, yet very useful. Even though Sticky the app is small, it is very powerful providing users with a lot of features. And best of all, it is part of Windows.

Stickies App Mac

Use this service for jotting down a quick reminder or a to-do list or anything else.

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