Red Alert Download Mac


IMPORTANT: The optional launcher and configuration tool require the .Net 2.0 framework. Try running these programs, if running them fails at startup try installing the framework. You will most likely already have this framework installed as it's used by a lot of software.


ZIP files:

  • Main MINIMUM game package (13 MB, comes with expansions):

Download C&C Red Alert 3 Mac OS X. With game Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, you would have the means to be in control of the three different factions, namely, the Empire of the Rising Sun, Soviets, as well as the Allies. In this game, you would be able to play about 30 missions. Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 is a classic real-time strategy game, first released for Windows back in 2000. The two bundled campaigns - Red Alert and Yuri's Revenge - follow on from the first game, and pitch the Allies and the Soviet Union against each other in a range of missions from small and stealthy to fast-paced, full-scale multi-unit battles.

Main addons:

  • Campaign files (12.3 MB):
  • Music files (96.5 MB, includes music from expansions):
  • Video Files (429 MB, in one file):

Video Files split into four parts:

  • Part 1 (108 MB, includes videos palettes):
  • Part 2 (146 MB):
  • Part 3 (126 MB):
  • Part 4 (99 MB):

Extra addons:

  • The Lost Files movies (159 MB, adds extra movies from the PS1 only Retaliation expansion game, compiled by Nyerguds):
  • Extra music files (17 MB, music from the PS1 only Retaliation expansion game and unreleased songs):

Misc. files:

  • Game manual (PDF, 9.2 MB):

Theme packs for older Windows:

  • Desktop theme (1 MB):
  • Soviet theme (1 MB):
  • Allies theme (1 MB):

Theme Pack for Windows 7 (coming soon!)

Map packs (coming later)

Mission packs (coming later)

Language packs:

Command And Conquer Red Alert Download Mac

  • French Language Pack (3 MB, untested):
Red Alert Download Mac
  • German Language Pack (3.6 MB, untested):
  • Russian Language Pack (0.3 MB, untested):

Red Alert Download Macbook

  • Spanish Language Pack (1.6 MB, untested):
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