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QT designer is used to drag and drop and design controls like MFC of VC + +

Everytime I let it download then click it in finder I get this message. I’ve tried older versions and everything I’m new on Mac I know it’s Yosemite but not which version. Any help appreciated. Try to download pycharm lower version install it then update. I'm new to the MacOS and I have recently downloaded PyCharm on it. I was able to successfully install some packages like numpy, matplotlib, sympy, etc. However, Pytorch won't get installed; not through PyCharm nor through the Terminal. These are the commands I tried in the Terminal (other than attempting to install them directly from PyCharm).

Pyuic is used to convert. UI files generated by QT designer into. Py files


QT designer and pyuic are both included in pyqt5, so we only need to install pyqt5 block and then specify QT designer and pyuic

Mac Install Pycharm

In order to avoid too much space, this article only talks about the installation and configuration. You can view the “pycharm + qtdesigner + pyuic tutorial” when using

1、 Install pyqt5

QT designer is included in pyqt5, which is a python module, so we can install it directly through “PIP3 install pyqt5”

But we use the pycharm integrated development environment here, so we install it directly through pycharm

Pycharm Mac Install Package

Open pycharm and create a new project

2、 Specify QT designer and pyuic

Mac Install Python Pycharm

Name — enter the name of the last tool you want to render in the menu, such as qtdesigner

Program — the location of the designer.exe program, which is located in lib site packages pyqt5 tools designer.exe of the currently used parser

Working directory — designer.exe working path, set to $projectfiledir$

Add pyuic similarly,

Pycharm Anaconda Install Mac


Program —- pyuic is located in scripts pyuic5.exe of the current parser

Arguments—-$FileName$ -o $FileNameWithoutExtension$.py

Working dirctory—-$ProjectFileDir$

Go back to the main interface “tools” — “external tools” to see the qtdesigner and pyuic we added

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