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In the post, we will learn How to Convert macOS Catalina Installer to ISO. We recently discussed How to Create macOS Catalina Bootable Installer for Clean Installation: 2 Easy Steps (MAC only) that might have helped you to create a macOS Bootable USB.

Advanced Mac users get the freedom to convert macOS Catalina Installer to ISO file. Normally, the resulting installer ISO file is utilized to install macOS Catalina on Virtualbox and install macOS Catalina on VMWare.

This tutorial will walk through the steps of How to Convert macOS Catalina Installer to ISO.

In this specific walkthrough, we Convert macOS Catalina Installer to ISO.

How to Convert macOS Catalina Installer to ISO

Step 1: Download the macOS Catalina Installer file from AppStore. You can simply follow this link and download the macOS Catalina installer file (.app file).

Step 2: After the download is complete, do not proceed to install the macOS. Instead, close the installer and go to your application and look out for the installer file.

NOTE: The files must be present in your application folder to proceed with this tutorial.

Macos Install Iso

Step 3: Now open you launchpad, and click Terminal.

Step 4: Execute the following commands one by one.

Create a DMG file using the following command:

Next step is to mount the created Catalina DMG disk image:

Now use createinstallmedia command to create the macOS Catalina installer application on the mounted volume:

When createinstallmedia has finished, next you can unmount the volume you just created:

Now we convert the DMG disk image file to an ISO disk image file (technically a CDR file but it’s the same as an iso)

Finally, we rename the Catalina CDR file extension to Catalina ISO to convert the CDR to ISO:

Now you can see the macOS Catalina ISO file on the desktop as shown in the snapshot.

Conclusion: How to Convert macOS Catalina Installer to ISO: 4 Step Easy Guide

You can also use this guide How to Convert Bootable ISO File to Virtual Disk VHD/VMDK: 2 Way Guide and directly use them on your virtual systems.

Macbook Install Iso

Now, this macOS Catalina ISO file can be used as a bootable disk, or you can directly use it on any virtual system like VMWare and VirtualBox.

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Install Macos Catalina Iso

Remember: In most cases, the ISO file that you have generated can only be used to run on Virtual Systems like Virtualbox and VMWare. They might not always work to create a bootable disk.

Mac Os Install Iso To Usb

I hope this article has helped you to Convert macOS Catalina Installer to ISO.

Mac Os Install Iso


Install Macos Iso On Pc

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