Mac Install Python 3


Prerequisites for installing Python3 on Mac

Here's a simple and easy guide to install Python on Mac. Here's a simple and easy guide to install Python on Mac. If that’s the case, simply run this command instead and it will install pip. Sudo easyinstall pip. Python 2 vs Python 3. Python 2 is still on your system even though you’ve installed Python 3. In order to send commands to Python 3, you will need to enter python3 in the terminal. If you enter python, the command will be sent to Python 2.

Install Xcode


Xcode is Apple's Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You might already have Xcode on your Mac. If not, you can get Xcode from Apple appstore.

Install Brew

Homebrew installs the stuff you need. Homebrew is a package manager for Mac OS

Step 1. Launch Terminal.

Go to Launchpad – Other – Terminal

Step 2. Install HomeBrew

Mac Install Python 3

Install Python3 with Brew

Enter brew command into terminal

brew install python3

Optional, PATH environment

Mac Install Python 3

Mac install python 3.6.8

Set up PATH environment variable, if you used HomeBrew to install Python3, then HomeBrew already added PATH.

Mac Install Python 3

Python 3 Install Mac Os

Do not change PATH environment if you can launch python3 from terminal.

Install Python 3 Windows

Add the following line to your ~/.profile file

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$PATH

Usually your Python installation directory looks like this, add it to your PATH

Mac Install Python 3.6


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