Install Jira Docker


GitLab Build Cloud runners. If you are using self-managed GitLab or you want to use your own runners on GitLab.com, you can install and configure your own runners. If you are using GitLab SaaS (GitLab.com), your CI jobs automatically run on runners in the GitLab Build Cloud. An on-premise image that runs Jira Performance Tests (JPT) against specified Jira Cloud tenants.

1. Description

1.1 Material

This paper uses the following materials:

  • Docker Mirror Github Link
  • Crack Tool Gitee Link

With these tools, you can theoretically crack almost all versions.

1.2 Database

If you choose an external database, you can create it as follows:


2. Install JIRA(8.8.1)

JIRA is a defect tracking management system developed by Atlassian, Australia, for commercial applications for defect management, task tracking, and project management.The name JIRA is not an abbreviation, but a truncation of the Japanese Gojira pronunciation. Official Web

Install Jira Docker Linux

2.1 Making Docker Cracking Containers

Write a Dockerfile:

2.2 Download cracked files

Install jira docker windows 10

Download the compiled file from gitee and place it in the same directory as Dockerfile

2.3 Building Mirrors

The results are as follows:


2.4 Startup Container

2.5 Visit jira

Access IP:18009, select language and choose manual configuration

Demonstrate using built-in databases (production environments need to configure stand-alone databases):

set a property

2.6 Cracking

  1. Replication Server ID: BRQE-TEN6-TLYV-KFMI
  2. Execute the command in the directory where atlassian-agent.jar is stored locally to generate the license:
  3. Replace mailbox ([email protected]), name (BAT), access address (, Server ID (BY9B-GWD1-1C78-K2DE) for your information
Docker confluence

Jira Docker Container

For example, my information is as follows to generate licenses:

Copy the generated license to the page and complete the cracking.

View license results

3. Install Confluence(7.4.0)

Atlassian Confluence is a professional wiki program.It is a tool of knowledge management through which collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members can be achieved. Official Web

3.1 Write a Dockerfile:

3.2 Download cracked files

Jira docker container

Download the compiled file from gitee and place it in the same directory as Dockerfile

3.3 Building Mirrors

3.4 Startup Container

3.5 Visit confluence

Access IP:18010 and follow the JIRA installation process.You can bind to a previously installed JIRA during boot.

Install Jira Docker Free

Let's pick an app

3.6 Cracking

The confluence license command is generated using the following:

Select single machine mode and set up database

Jira Container

3.7 Configuration confluence

Let's make a demonstration site

Configure user management, here we choose the jira we created earlier

Configure Connection Information

Synchronize data

Be accomplished

Log on to view authorization

4. Scrambling

After our normal installation, the Chinese language may be garbled. Let's modify the connection string. Under the confluence home directory, there is a configuration file confluence.cfg.xml, find hibernate.connection.url, and add the following characters after the database string. The overall result is as follows:

Remember, amp inside; don't omit.

Confluence Docker Image

Change the database string to utf8mb4 if possible

Confluence Install Docker

There is also a document saying that the string was changed to utf8, not utf8mb4. I don't know the difference, so you can test it.

Install Jira Docker For Windows

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