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Jun 29, 2021 In order to install macOS High Sierra on your Windows computer, you will need the following hardware: USB drive - Find a flash drive that can hold at least 16 gigabytes. Blank hard drive - Find a USB external hard drive that holds at least 100 gigabytes (this is where you'll install your macOS stuff, so the bigger, the better). Open VirtualBox. Click New below the gear icon at the top. Click the arrow pointing down next to 'Machine Folder' and select a folder to install the virtual machine. Use the drop-down menu next to 'Type' to select 'MacOS X.' Use the drop-down menu next to 'Version' to select 'MacOS X (64-bit).' I was hoping to find information about installing osx in virtualbox in general or on Linux. Pity this manual only applies to older outdated platforms “1. Install VirtualBox on your Windows PC by following the instructions. Click “New” to create your new virtual machine.”. Jun 30, 2018 Similar to installing Mojave on VMware and Mojave on VirtualBox, you can also install macOS Catalina on VMware or install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox. The process isn’t much tricky since we’ve created the macOS Catalina VMware & VirtualBox image files to different forms and uploaded to servers, so there’s isn’t much you’d need to do. Hackintosh Installation Support. The guide you point to, which I had already looked at, has no instructions on how to install Catalina in a virtualbox.

There are three major steps to install OS X High Sierra in VirtualBox in a Windows 10 host:

Install Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows. First and foremost, pull up the VirtualBox. Download MacOS Mojave ISO. You have to get macOS Mojave ISO in the link. Install macOS Catalina 10.15 on VirtualBox on Windows PC. Now you are done completely with the steps of macOS 10.15 on VirtualBox. Therefore, open VirtualBox and start the installation of macOS Catalina 10.15 on VirtualBox. After that, you run the installation just follow the steps to install properly macOS Catalina 10.15 on VirtualBox. Download macOS Catalina ISO. You’ve to download macOS Catalina ISO from the.

I used a Mac in the first two steps and completed the last two steps on the target Windows machine.

Downloading High Sierra

At the time of this writing, High Sierra was the most recent version of Mac OS X that could be installed in a VirtualBox virtual machine. However, High Sierra is no longer available for download from the Apple App Store.

High Sierra can still be downloaded from third-party websites. I downloaded a copy through this macOS High Sierra Patcher Tool for Unsupported Macs. Once the tool is downloaded, open it and use its built-in downloading feature. In the menu bar, select Tools > Download macOS High Sierra…

Install Macos Catalina Virtualbox Windows 10

After a few minutes, you should have a copy of the High Sierra installer.

Preparing an ISO

Once you have a copy of the High Sierra installer, an iso file must be prepared to install it in the virtual machine. The only way I could get an iso that worked on VirtualBox was by using the script suggested in this superuser.com answer:

Note that this is the original script, and it was written assuming that the High Sierra installer was downloaded from the App Store into the Applications directory. Before running the script, make sure the installer variable points to the right location of your High Sierra installer.

Setting up the Virtual Machine

Switch to the Windows 10 machine in which you want to set up the virtual machine. Copy over the iso created in the previous step and make sure both VirtualBox and its extension pack are installed. If not, both can be downloaded from this page. With both pieces of software installed, create the virtual machine the following steps:

  1. Open VirtualBox
  2. Click New to create a new virtual machine.
  3. Enter the name for the new virtual machine; e.g., High Sierra, and click Next.
  4. Select the amount of RAM for your virtual machine, making sure you leave enough for Windows, and click Next.
  5. Choose Create a virtual hard disk now and click Create.
  6. Leave the default setting VDI (Virtual Disk Image) and click Next.
  7. Leave the default setting Dynamically allocated and click Next.
  8. Choose the size of the virtual hard disk and click Create.

At this point, the virtual machine has been created, but it requires extra configuration to install High Sierra from the iso file you created earlier.

  1. Select the High Sierra virtual machine you just created and click Settings (the button with the cog icon).
  2. On the side menu, click System.
  3. On the Motherboard tab of the right panel, uncheck the Floppy option from the Boot Order list.
  4. Switch to the Processor tab, set the number of Processor(s) to 2 or more and check the Enable PAE/NX option.
  5. On the side menu, click Storage.
  6. Under storage devices, click Empty.
  7. Under Attributes, click the optical disk icon.
  8. Select the High Sierra iso, and check the Use host I/O cache option.
  9. On the side menu, click Display.
  10. Set Video Memory to 128 MB.
  11. Click OK to save.

Macos High Sierra Virtualbox


For the last configuration steps, close VirtualBox, open the Windows command line prompt, and run the following commands:


Install Snow Leopard Virtualbox Windows 10

Finally, open VirtualBox again, select your High Sierra virtual machine, and click Start. This will boot your virtual machine with the High Sierra iso set up earlier. Simply follow the steps to install the operating system.


Install Macos In Virtualbox Windows 10 64-bit

Install Mavericks Virtualbox


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