Install Graylog Docker

Install Graylog Docker

Docker made things super easy if you are curious about a new open source tool to try and even use it with isolated installations on your machine. In this article, I’ll show quick steps to install and give graylog a try with a simple nodejs application to send logical errors to graylog instance.

Install Graylog Docker Download


1) Copy the docker-compose.yml file content below to a file then run:

2) Login to graylog with opening in the browser
Username: admin
Password: admin

Jun 11, 2019 When I read Python Microservices Development, one of the options for logging was Graylog, but the description to use it was for Graylog 2, and Graylog 3 was just out. Furthermore, the documentation for Docker was explaining how to build with an older version of Docker Compose that didn’t support link, but it’s not working anymore! The Graylog Docker image checks for the existence of environment variables with the naming scheme. You want to install into it and mount the directory as a.

3) Configure inputs: Go to System > Inputs
Add new “GELF UDP” configuration as global input using port 12201

Install graylog docker

4) Run the simple nodejs application below to send logs to graylog. First init npm and install graylog2 package from npm with:


Install Graylog Docker Windows 7


Install Graylog Docker Chrome


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