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  • How to install Mac OS on Windows. Step1: To install Mac OS you need to install two files first is TransMac and Mac OS (DMG File). Download TransMac and Mac OS (DMG File) Step 2: You need One USB of 16 GB and Above. Step 3: Now you need to Open TransMac as an Administrator and click on Run.
  • A fresh Mac OS installation ensures security, stability & speed. Over time, who knows how many global npm packages, sql database configurations and or other dependencies you may have installed. Obviously, it’s possible to monitor and update your dev dependencies, but especially if you’re interested in security and performance, I recommend.

Learn how to clean install your MacBook Pro from USB with macOS High Sierra.
Part 1 – SanDisk Ultra ➜
Part 2 – Bootable USB-Stick ➜ (2:51min)
Part 3a – Fresh Install ➜ (8:11min)
Part 3b – Geekbench Test ➜ (11:52min)
Part 4 – Summary ➜ (14:19min)

Downloading and installing a new OS gives you the opportunity to do some major house cleaning if you so desire. If you feel like you'd like a fresh start with macOS Big Sur, you can always opt to do a clean install: Just follow the steps below, even if you've already installed macOS Big Sur. I used a thing called DiskMakerX7 to create a bootable 16GB USB drive named 'Mac OS High Sierra Install Disk' It seemed to boot OK, so I selected 'Install MacOS' Now, when I boot the iMac (usb not inserted), all I get is a 4-choice menu: Restore a Time Machine Backup, Install MacOS, Get Help, and Disk Utility. Step 8: As you are using the fresh copy of MacOS on Mac machine, so you need to set up the OS and for that connect the Mac with the Wi-Fi and then sign in with the Apple account. Step 9: After signing in, you can access the several products of Apple such as iCloud, DropBox and many more.

# Tutorial Series # Used MacBook – Still Worth It?
Part 0 – Intro used or new? ➜
Part 1 – RAM Upgrade (16GB) ➜
Part 2 – SSD Upgrade (960EVO) ➜
Part 3 – Fresh Install (High Sierra) ➜
Part 4 – 2019 MacBook Pro ➜
Part 5 – Fresh Install (Catalina) ➜
UPDATE – Fresh Install (macOS Big Sur) ➜

# Parts Used #
Used MacBook Pro – on eBay ➜
Corsair Memory – on Amazon ➜
Samsung SSD – on Amazon ➜
Screen Cleaner – on Amazon ➜
Compressed Air – on Amazon ➜
Repair Tool Kit – on Amazon ➜
New MacBook Pro – on Amazon ➜

How To Install Fresh Mac Os

Geekbench Test Results:

In video 3 of this MacBook Pro tutorial series, you will learn how to create a bootable USB flash drive for installing macOS.

Install Fresh Mac Os From The Web

You can easily create a USB install stick for any OS you like, Mojave and Catalina should work as well, more details in this Apple support article: ➜

How to install fresh mac osInstall

Keep in mind however that your MacBook needs to support the version of macOS that you are planning to install. In the case of my upgraded 2011 MacBook only up to High Sierra is supported officially.

If you have installed a new empty SSD already, you may need to download a version of High Sierra from another computer, you can find a link for the download here: ➜

Install fresh mac os from usb

Simply download the OS from the App Store, and then follow the steps shown in the video to create a bootable USB install drive.

Once finished you can plug the USB stick into your MacBook Pro and install a clean copy of High Sierra, Mojave, or Catalina.


Make sure to format the drive with the APFS filesystem, because this is optimized for SSD and NVMe media.

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