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  1. 4.5/5 (390 Views. 41 Votes) Google Hangouts users can now chat and make callsfrom their desktops without opening their browser. The desktopapp allows chats and calls to run independently of a webbrowser, and chats and notifications will automatically be syncedbetween the desktop and mobile app. Full answer is here.
  2. YakYak will help you use Google Hangouts on your desktop. It’s a client for the app in question that lets you access it outside the browser. The app is free and open-source. It brings a bunch of customization, such as language translation and native desktop notifications. In addition to Mac, YakYak works on Windows and Linux platforms.
  3. Google Hangouts Download For Mac; Google Hangouts App For Desktop; Get an extraordinary test by using theHangouts for PC. This app Hangouts also provides you the test of freedom and smoothness of services on your PC. I have tried to download Google Hangouts as an app for my desktop iMac, and as an extension to the Chrome browser, but nothing.

Google's instant messaging tool, Hangouts, can now be used directly in Chrome thanks to this extension, which adds an icon for the app to the right of the address bar where you can quickly access your list of friends. You can use this to start a conversation with any of the users that are online. Google's instant messaging tool, Hangouts, can now be used directly in Chrome thanks to this extension, which adds an icon for the app to the right of the address bar where you can quickly access your list of friends. You can use this to start a conversation with any of the users that are online.

Google Voice is a free phone internet phone service powered by Google. It provides voice and text messaging, call forwarding, and voicemail services for Google account customers.

Despite being integrated with the hugely popular Google Hangouts, Google Voice hasn’t lost its luster. It still boasts a legion of ardent fans who use it to call and send SMS to contacts on the web on a daily basis, either for personal or business purposes. The only spanner in the works that holds Google Voice back is the absence of an official desktop client, with the exception of a Chrome browser extension.

This means you should not close your Google Voice browser page if you want to receive a message or call alerts from your favorite contacts. This can be quite annoying and put a lot of users off. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best Google Voice desktop app clients at the end of this article.

Before we discuss these apps, though, it is necessary to know the basics of installing and using Google Voice. This app is built into Gmail, so it’s automatically available to anyone with a Gmail account. Aside from voice and video calls, its other features include call screening, conference calling, call forwarding, and voice transcription. Unfortunately, Google Voice is only available in the US and Canada.

Requirements to Install Google Voice

To use Google Voice, you need to have a Google account. From your Google account, go to the Google Voice homepage and sign up. Google Voice allows you to select a single phone number that friends, colleagues, or family members can contact you on. If you have several phone numbers, this single Google Voice number will ring all of them at the same time. This enables you to answer your incoming calls using the most convenient device.

For a seamless call quality, buy a dedicated headset with an inbuilt microphone if you wish to make regular calls using your PC and safeguard your privacy.

Getting Set Up


Once you have created your Google Voice account, Google will prompt you to select your new Google Voice number. This is the number people will call to reach your Google Voice account. You can have it assigned based on your city or area code. Of course, this step can be skipped in the short-term, though you won’t get much use out of the account until a Google Voice number is assigned.

Once you select it, you will be prompted to link your Google Voice account to an existing phone number, and then to enter a verification code sent to that linked number.

The third step is to add any additional phone numbers that you want Google Voice to forward to. This means setting up your work phone, cell phone, or home phone to ring simultaneously when the Google Voice number is dialed. You can add a new linked number at any time by going to the settings tab, and then to the account tab.


Shortly after you finish setting up the account, you will receive a brief voicemail welcoming you to Google Voice. Then, you’re good to go.

Top 3 Desktop Client Applications for Google Voice

The fact that Google Voice is free to use and has a powerful signal that works even if you switch your network location makes it attractive; reliability is a big draw. It also lumps all your phone numbers into a single one, so it gives you more convenience. The only notable downside is the lack of a built-in desktop widget.

With that in mind, here is the list of the top three desktop client apps that you can use with Google Voice to make it that much easier for you to receive and manage your call alerts, voicemails, and SMS.


Created specifically for Windows users, this powerful desktop client application enables you to listen to voicemail, send and receive SMS, and connect with your contacts via calls. It instantly notifies you of any incoming message, calls or voice mailbox. It also keeps a detailed log of all calls received or dialed, and it features voicemail transcription and audio playback.


Built specifically for Mac enthusiasts, this Google Voice client allows its users to make or receive calls and SMS messages. You can also access the voice mailbox and send several SMS messages in a single batch. Its main advantage is its pleasant and easy-to-use interface, its ability to notify you of any alerts via customizable sounds, and its reverse call lookup that even works for numbers that aren’t on your contacts list.

Google Voice by Google

This is a Chrome extension that helps you stay connected with your Google Voice contacts through calls, preview your inbox, send SMS, and receive SMS notifications via the Chrome browser on your desktop. The extension appears in the form of a button on the browser’s toolbar, which alerts you of any incoming communications.

Google Voice for Business

When running a business organization, communication is vital to make the venture a success. Google Voice provides handy features to help business owners stay connected and organized. For more information about its features, follow this link. Pricing plan for Google Voice Business range from $10 to $24 per month.

Google's most utilized chat tool

Google Hangouts product has been a venerable bulwark in the communication apps space. Google Hangouts remains a popular and suitable chat application for millions. Built on a concise and powerful software, Hangouts became Google’s most utilized chat application. This will all be changing in the near future, however. Hangouts is experiencing a transition period that will culminate in its eventual abandonment. For the time being, Hangouts will remain a stable and efficient chat application through October 2019. At that time, Google will migrate all G Suite customers to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Classic Hangouts, as it is now known, will be serviced through the end of the year but will likely be retired sometime in 2020. Hangouts is on its final flight and poised for the scrap yard.


Hangouts was once a steady chat app

Set for the gallows in 2020, the time has come to hang up on Google Hangouts.

Hangouts’ bread and butter is sending instant messages as a faster and cheaper SMS alternative. It is nimble and powerful enough for the average talk via text customer. It is also discreet enough to save space and time by omitting superfluous features. Many use it to inconspicuously contact friends while at work. Because it nests neatly in the Gmail account or browser page, users avoid sitting awkwardly, hunched over a cell phone as they attempt to evade the boss’ attention. The user is always greeted with a clean dashboard, organized with intuitive icons. Consumers will find their past conversations neatly stacked in cards in the dashboard. One should use this application to send instant messages and conduct video and, or voice calls.

Google Hangouts For Mac Desktop Download

Customers can mute themselves, add people to threads, or stop video recording while on call. The designers have done a premium job, upgrading the professionalism available in the app. Simply draw up the settings tab to deploy a lower-third banner to display a name or title while on a work conference. Hangouts has been known to slowly load a pixelated image, get choppy or lose a call. To help with connectivity, you can choose to stop video recording to use less data or call upon the 'adjust bandwidth use' button. Hangouts is also a pleasantly pain-free and reliable way to schedule work conferences and interviews.

Enter Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Chat and Meet look to be enterprise-friendly variations of the more commercial-friendly Classic Hangouts. Think, Slack, rather than WhatsApp. In truth, however, these products have virtually nothing to do with one another aside from their similar names. Chat and Meet launched 10 months ago whereas Classic Hangout, built as an in-place upgrade to Google Talk has a user-base spanning 13 years back. Perhaps the developer seeks to leverage the brand recognition and trust placed in Hangouts in its attempt to penetrate Slack’s corporate carve-out. Once one accounts for the power within G Suite’s plethora of work accessories, this line of thinking makes a lot of sense. Due to the on-going transition, users may deploy many exciting new features in Hangouts. Hangouts Chat will allow for chatting with users outside its particular domain. It will have Google voice integration and deep integration with Gmail. It will also provide for enhanced video calling beyond the at present, standard 720p. App integration has exploded the possibilities available in Hangouts. This allows for access within the program to many other programs, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and countless more third-party developers. With G Suite apps fully integrated into the workplace chatbox, team projects will be more centralized, streamlined, and transparent than ever.

Apps that chat

Your proclivity may be found elsewhere. Here are a few chat app options and the key character to draw you over. Slack is centered on channels where team members instant message, and share files, photos, and videos. Slack provides the meeting place to integrate other devices and drives. Slack’s design goal is to synergize office workflow and explode your team’s productivity.

WhatsApp is there to put a smile to a friend’s face. This app is home to customizable fonts, gifs, emojis, and stickers. Its interface is tooled to keep pace in the flow of an enjoyable conversation.

Facebook Messenger is a natural extension of Facebook’s environment itself. There are not many flashy new developments on this platform, although they can be discovered with just a bit of effort. This is the chat app for those who quite simply need to get a casual message to the right person.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this application on Window’s or Mac systems. You can also obtain a free application download for iPhone or Android. The need to create a Gmail account may be enough to deter many away from Hangouts. In fact, the choice to use a chat app will likely already be made for many. We use the apps our friends use.

Is there a better alternative?

If your friends do not already have a Gmail account then there are plenty of perfectly adequate alternatives destined to fill your demands.

Google Hangouts For Mac Desktop Computer

Our take

Classic Hangouts is slated to become a legacy product as Google unveils Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. At the moment, Google Hangouts deserves neither great recognition nor ire. If you use it to talk to your friends, pick up the immensely more popular and enjoyable WhatsApp. If you use Hangouts at work, the likelihood you pick up Google Chat is dependent on your dissatisfaction with your company’s current chat software rather than your satisfaction with Classic Hangouts. Google Hangouts is not undergoing a transformation.

Should you download it?

No, this is nothing less than a full replacement. It is time Hangouts is hung up.


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