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Folx Pro For Mac 5.25, Best IDM Alternative Download Manager For MacOS X Free Download. Hy friends, today I am going to share with you download Manager for mac. So, if you are a lover of Internet Download Manager for Mac OS Mean IDM for Mac and you want for Mac OS too then, you are in the right place. Compatible with Folx starting with version 5.0. Folx is an app for fast and convenient downloading of files from Internet. This download manager has an easy Mac-style interface and allows prioritizing your downloads, resuming interrupted downloads, and splitting the downloads in threads. Folx Pro Torrent downlaod divides your download into several parts, so download speeds. If you looking on the internet a Download Folx Pro for Mac Latest full version So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application Folx is a free Mac OS X update manager with a true Mac.

Internet Download Manager is hands down the most popular Download Manager for Windows. It is packed with features that make downloading an extremely convenient and easy process. Knowing this, users may also want to use IDM for Mac. Are you one such user? Then you have struck the gold mine of articles!

This beautiful modern software has all the features you need in a download manager. Folx definition Download the latest version of Folx GO for Mac - Download manager Read 2 user reviews of Folx GO on MacUpdate.

We will be answering all the frequently asked questions regarding IDM for Mac, and how to use it.



  • 1 Internet Download Manager for Mac (Everything You Need to Know)

Internet Download Manager for Mac (Everything You Need to Know)

Is IDM Available for MacOS?

Folx For Mac Full Version

Sadly, no. IDM is only available for Windows, and a MacOS Version for it hasn’t been released, yet. However, there are plenty of IDM alternatives available online for your Macbook that you can use instead of IDM. In this article we will be discussing all these idm alternatives for Mac, and how to download/install them on your Mac in detail.

How to Download/Use IDM for MacOS

Before we get started on the alternatives, here’s a few general steps that you should follow. Once you have downloaded the .dmg file for any of the Download Managers, you should:

Folx For Mac Full Version
  • Run the DMG file
  • Run it, install and follow the On Screen Instructions
  • If required, move the application to the Applications folder as instructed

Once this is done, you can start using the Download Managers. Most Download Managers have an extension for your web browser so that every time you download a file it will automatically be downloaded with your IDM alternative.

Now that we are clear on how to use IDM for your Macbook, let’s check out the most popular IDM Alternatives.

IDM Alternatives for MacOS

Here, we have listed 7 best IDM alternatives for your Mac. You can use them as your everyday download managers very conveniently. Let’s have a look:

1. Folx Free

Folx Free and the paid version is hands down one of the best IDM Alternatives you can get for your Mac. It improves your Download Speed by splitting the Download into 20 threads when you’re on multiple connections. Shareware’s Folx lets you search and selectively download whatever you want. Using Folx, you can download directly from YouTube, control the speed, search for torrents (PRO), and schedule your downloads.

We highly recommend Folx for your Mac. Get it here.

2. Leech

A hit in the download manager market, Leech is a 6$ lightweight Download Manager that is for people who want minimal and premium quality. Leech has a simple and interactive interface, it is not intruding at all when you browse your computer and gives you a whole load of options for downloading. You can sort your Downloads into subfolders, add extensions to Safari so that any Download will directly go to Leech, and so much more. It is one of our top favorite IDM alternatives.

Definitely, worth the price, you should get Leech here.

3. iGetter

iGetter is another feature packed Download Manager that will take you at least a week to fully explore. No more broken downloads, if you have something downloading and you put your Mac to sleep, when you open it again the Download will resume. With accelerated downloading, iGetter divides your download into multiple parts so facilitate faster downloading. Also, the free version has all the features, and you don’t need to buy the Pro version.

Get your hands on iGetter and start using IDM for Macbook.

4. DownThemAll

One of the best download manager extensions you can get, DownThemAll can significantly increase your top speeds, you can pause and resume downloads as per your wish, and downloading multiple files has never been easier than with DownThemAll.

It’s worth a try, and the only downside to it is that it is only available as a Firefox extension. If that is not a problem for you, can check out DownThemAll here.

5. Download Shuttle

Download Shuttle is also a great Download Manager that you can get for your Mac. It features automatic clipboard capture, and you can pause and resume your downloads whenever you want. Download Shuttle also provides fast downloads by splitting the download into segments. However, some users complain that this extension does not work in a lot of browsers, so check if it works for yours.

Download shuttle also supports password protected files. The extensions on this software make it worthy as one of the best Download Managers for Mac. Get it here.

6. Xtreme Download Manager

Known for the staggering download speeds, if you want to increase your Download speeds to up to 500% (yes that’s correct), then Xtreme Download Manager is for you. It can save videos from pretty much all video websites, take care of broken downloads and even provides smooth and easy integration with any web browser.

This application might sound too good to be true, but it is. Even if a download has gone dead due to say, a connection problem, Xtreme Download Manager will be able to revive it for you. It supports multiple files downloading, checks files for viruses, and you can Schedule your downloads.

Get this beast of software here.

7. Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader is a favorite to a huge range of users. It has support for integration with all browsers. When downloading files, it will automatically search for the fastest server to enhance speed. You can also schedule your downloads as per wish. Progressive Downloader can control your resources with FTP/SFTP built-in browser. It can also choose from a whole library of file hosting services.

Get Progressive Downloader now, and use it as IDM on Mac.

List of the Best Download Managers for Mac

Here’s a list of all the above mentioned Top IDM Alternatives for Mac, each better than the other. These will give you a seamless experience of IDM for Mac:

  1. Folx Free
  2. Leech
  3. iGetter
  4. DownThemAll
  5. Download Shuttle
  6. Xtreme Download Manager
  7. Progressive Downloader

You can also take a look at these other download managers, and see if they are good IDM Alternatives according to your needs: Speed Download Lite, Maxel, Jdownloader, iNetGet.

Final Verdict

We hope that by reading this article you were able to choose the IDM for your Mac with top-notch specs and interface to suit your download needs. If you have any queries regarding the methods or IDM Alternatives mentioned above, you can drop us a comment below and we will try to get back to you with a relevant answer.

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  • Sublime special editor
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  • Ability to simultaneously select multiple sections of the text to apply changes simultaneously to them

How to Install Sublime Text Full Version

  1. Download Sublime Text Full Version
  2. First, turn off antivirus, Windows defender and internet connection
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  5. Run setup.exe or DMG to install
  6. When finished, copy patch.exe to the program files> sublime text folder
  7. Run the patch, apply and delete it again
  8. For MacOSX, follow the TNT method
  9. Use the license in the Key.txt file
  10. Enjoy programming!

Download Sublime Text 3.2.2 Full Version (Win/Mac)

Folx For Mac Full Version Download

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Folx For Mac Full Version Free Download

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