Cara Install Hackintosh Mojave Di Laptop


If you are bored of your old windows pc, the Crotona, the same old UI, the blue screen of death. Then you are at the correct place, I have created a video on YouTube in which I showed you a step by step tutorial on how to install mackintosh on your non mac pc or in my case an intel computer if you want to watch that video I will link it right over here, for now I will include the important links that we need while installing the macOS on our intel computer.

MojaveCara install hackintosh mojave di laptop gratis

Hackintosh: Solusi Install Mac OS (Macintosh) di Windows. Mac OS atau OS X merupakan operasi sistem yang dirancang khusus untuk device besutan Apple, yakni Macbook dan iMac. Sistem operasi ini menyajikan pengalaman yang jauh berbeda dengan sistem operasi yang umum digunakan oleh masyarakat umum, yakni Windows.

  • Ini dia Cara Install Hackintosh Mac Os di Pc Biasa Atau Laptop Non Apple Aslinya sih gue pengen banget beli macbook apa daya uang cuma cukup beli iphone jadul kwkwkwk. Dari situ gue mulai berfikir gimana kalo gue oprek aja laptop gue biar serasa macbook.
  • Bahan install Hackintosh untuk laptop Intel Lenovo Thinkpad X220. Sebelum masuk ke proses instalasi, pertama kita harus mengumpulkan bahan-bahannya. Pastikan beberapa file dan kondisi ini sudah anda kumpulkan. File.dmg high sierra yang didownload dari situs Hackintosh zone. Ini adalah file hackintosh dalam bentuk distro, bukan vanilla.

Download Clover Configurator – Click Here

My Laptop’s Configurations.

Processor – Intel Core i3

Ram – 8 GB

Graphics Card – Nvidia 940 MX

Laptop Model – IdeaPad 310

Links to buy the Laptops i showed in the video

Link to other Variants

Link to Buy IdeaPad 310 – https://amzn.to/3gfRd9t (not good in 2020)

Links to Download the important files

Niresh Mojave – Click Here

balenaEtcher – Click Here

Bios Settings

Cara Install Hackintosh Mojave Di Laptop Windows 10

Secure boot – Disable (if available)

Usb 3.0 hub – Disable (do this if installation doesn’t works in the first place) (if available)

SATA Contoller Mode – AHCI (if available)

Command for changing date in the terminal


date 0924000018

Boot Arguments








Cara Install Hackintosh Mojave Di Laptop Di


Formatting Guide

Make sure to format your hard disk in the following format when installing the macOS this setting will popup after you go into the Disk Utilities and select your hard drive

Name – you can give any name according to your choice

Format – MacOS Extended (Journal)

Cara Install Hackintosh Mojave Di Laptop


Cara Install Hackintosh Mojave Di Laptop Windows 8

Scheme – GUID Partition Map

Cara Install Hackintosh Mojave Di Laptop Di

That’s ALL Folks !

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